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My role here

For this project I was a contracted Creative Director managing design work in house, as well as through a remote development team working from abroad. I was in charge of strategy and project management working with a team that included graphic designers, UX-UI strategists, and content writers. I also spent a lot of time organizing in user tests results, building prototypes, and coordinating web design modifications.

Our challenge

Our client's goal was to retire their old looking website and start selling online. My challenge was taking a somewhat boring product and ordering process and infuse it with innovation, great user experience, and product strategy.

Ultimately we wanted to start allowing users to submit price requests, and making it easier for warehouses to fulfill orders.

Draw a digital fence and get a complete component list ready to ship directly to you.

Wholesale Vinyl Fencing

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The solution

After the first prototypes, user tests, and iterations, we finally landed on a polished website that focused on solving 3 different aspects, beauty, innovation, and conversion. Our final work was a premium website that made it possible for users to not just find out the total price of their fence, but to also submit orders directly without having to wait for a phone call. Lastly, we built an API to connect orders to warehouses by zip code.

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Final outcome

Months of research, countless split test experiments, and hundreds of development hours allowed us to produce one of the coolest projects I was ever involved with. The main innovation was a browser friendly fence drawing tool. This web app allowed visitors to click and draw a perimeter, indicate lengths, gate locations and openings, and just like magic populate a purchase order sent by warehouse proximity.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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