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Hello, and thank you so much for your interest in my creative work. I have been a creative director for local and remote teams for over a decade, working for visionary startups and fortune 500 clients. I am currently available as a consultant, helping leaders and teams to develop data-based strategies aiming to increase web traffic and conversion. 

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Logo Designing
Logo Portfolio

Brand Design - Logo Collection

Logotypes are tiny component within a company's branding strategy. However, they are also incredibly valuable beacons that help consumers to associate brands with services, experiences, and quality.

Last Chapter - Practice Project

Brand, Design, and Product Strategy

This project includes branding, product, and branding strategy. Many pixels where harmed in the making of this.

Landscape Magazine

Brand Strategy, Branding, and Marketing for Zerply

Building a brand takes time and effort, but it doesn't have to be painful. I have been doing this for over a decade and I rely on step-by-step methods that help me go from initial strategies to final presentations.

Asterisk Publication

Egyptian Slate | Font Specimen Booklet

Typography nerds like myself enjoy collecting font specimen booklets. In this project I am combining font use specifics while talking about typography rules; it is a win-win situation.

Practice Project

Dementia Field Notes

If you like health you also must like fitness and a good diet. Good design requires practice, as well as continuous learning.
This self-imposed project had a couple of rules. Take the most boring article you could find, use photos from only one object, and make it fun and playful.

Sample Collection

Advertisement and promotional content

I partner with stake holders and teams to boost sales and conversion through creative strategies that showcase real value created specifically for target audiences within specific market segments.

Practice Project

Grid-Based Design

This was a training exercise to help understand the value of having grid-based design.


Glucose Tracker

Having type 2 diabetes can be overwhelming for people of any age, but can you imagine how difficult this can be for a child? Glucose Tracker can help children to monitor their blood glucose levels while also sending data results to parents and physicians in real time.

Beacon Plumbing

App development, UX design, Product strategy

Once done, this app will have included Design, Product, Marketing, and Brand strategies. This project was paused until further notice.

Beyond the Frame

Fix Me

hand painted illustration, digital editing, and graphic design, all in one project. This would normally take weeks when you have to do it through different artists. I was able to complete the project in 5 days.


See how I am able to fuse design, photo, and illustration in strategy projects.


Samples of branding, marketing, and product strategy design elements


photography is a personal hobby, as well as my sharpest toolkit element


Digital illustration samples used for commercial business projects

Explore My Diverse Portfolio: Strategy, Design, Photography, & Illustration

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