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Hello, I'm a marketing and brand strategist with over a decade of hands-on experience in leading teams through research and design phases, as well as formulating and executing data-driven strategies. This approach has been instrumental in generating millions in revenue, particularly in the FinTech and private sectors. .


I'm all about helping businesses not just shine, but truly connect with their audience, paving the way for remarkable success. My expertise spans brand strategy, UX research and design, and marketing, allowing me to create tailored solutions that bring your brand's true essence to light.


When I'm not in the professional realm, I'm hanging out with my wonderful family – my loving wife and our two awesome sons. We're adventure seekers, foodies, and homebodies, finding inspiration in every moment.

I can't wait to team up with you to share your unique story and conquer your business goals. Let's make your brand unforgettable.

Manny Quintero,
Creative Strategist

Projects and Experience

​See how I fuse design, photo, and illustration in strategy projects.


Samples of branding, marketing, and product strategy design elements


photography is a personal hobby, as well as my sharpest toolkit element


My favorite  illustration samples used for commercial business projects


Explore my diverse work in four category collections

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