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My role here

This was a startup with very low resources, my role in the project was very much "all inclusive". I was in charge of brand strategy, product strategy, and design strategies. Once formulated I then took care of UX and web design, and last but not least managing the web development progress. The project took around 9 months to be finalized,

Our challenge

Exercise gyms sale memberships, trainers sale training sessions, and people improving their fitness usually pay for both separately. Trainer Vine is a web app connecting users and trainers, and also providing access to gyms and classes.

The challenge was to build a highly customizable central hub connecting users, trainers, and gyms.

Health and Fitness app connecting trainers, clients, and local gym spaces.

Trainer Vine Fitness

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The solution

To finish this project I established this action plan: 1- Set goals, objectives, and deadlines 2- Identified our target audience through market research 3- Turned UX strategy into prototypes ready for user tests 4- Conducted split-tests, gathered data, and made iterations 5- Launched a polished initial product for user/market testing 6- Established a process for continuous improvement over time

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Final outcome

Trainer Vine was designed and developed. Now it is amassing a large amount of gyms, trainers, and clients during beta testing. Trainer Vine should soon be under final negotiations to make its way into app market stores.

Due to intellectual property protection I am able to share more details under proper NDA documentation.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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