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My role here

Since this was a passion project I was pretty much on my own. I helped Christ to organize a simple strategy to target an ideal customer base, and then I developed:

  • Business strategy

  • Brand design

  • Web development

  • photography

  • video

  • and marketing.

Our challenge

Chris is one of those individuals you meet once and he becomes your friend for life. He was recommended to me by a friend to take care of a remodeling project, and it was then he did so much for my family that we just stayed friends to this day. Chris is retired recently, but he now enjoys helping others in need around his community, which is why I asked him to let me build a simple website for him, enabling him to pick projects he actually wants to be part of as he continues to serve others as much as he once served me.

Construction contractor extending personal services to his community.

Senior Pro Construction

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The solution

Once we organized all his business goals and objectives we created a list of services and features he always wanted to have for his business, and I delivered the following:

  • Mobile friendly site.

  • The ability to let people submit project information and review custom quotes.

  • A website that generates leads through organic leads and SEO tactics.

  • A connected business calendar to set up appointments.

Awesome, I'll get back to you ASAP!

Say hello! Together we can craft amazing experiences for your customers 

Final outcome

This project is not flashy, or an elaborate masterpiece, but it produces a lot of good for the community, for my friend Chris, and of course myself as well. It was a real treat to create a new brand and product strategy for Chris, as well as creating branding elements, and developing a website. It was also really fun to follow Chris from job to job and capture images of him being awesome at what he did best. Then, last but not least, helping a local business to gain relevance on Google, and seeing an increase traffic, and revenue, that is what makes a passion project like this one so unforgettable.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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