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My role here

The breadth of my BFA project showcased my skills in various domains, including:

  • Product research

  • UX/UI

  • Graphic design

  • Photography

  • Illustration

  • Video editing

  • Simple HTML

  • 3D printing

  • Industrial design

Our challenge

The challenge for this project was to envision a world where grades no longer dictated success. My senior project aimed to reimagine the traditional grading system. To tackle this, I conducted extensive historical research, gathered empirical data, and conducted surveys, focusing on four main areas of exploration:

  • Innovations to replace the conventional grading system.

  • Exploring the impact of a new grading system on learning.

  • Identifying necessary tools for teachers to monitor student progress.

  • Finding ways to inspire students to compete and excel without traditional grades.

BFA project exploring how to improve our current school grading methods.

i-learn 4.0 Student Hub

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The solution

Introducing iLearn 4.0: After months of research on grading systems, the project proposed the following innovations:

  1. Concept-Unit Correlation: Introduced a connection between concepts and unit blocks, marking them as 'learned' or 'in progress.'

  2. Mastery-Based Progress: Implemented a system where students advanced to new topics upon demonstrating knowledge, application, and effective classroom collaboration.

  3. Digital Learning Environment: Shifted all learning online, turning homework into classroom work.

  4. Progress-Based Placement: Eliminated age-based placement, focusing on individual progress tracking.

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Final outcome

The full process for this project was completed in two semesters at the university.

First Semester - Extensive Research

  • Investigated the challenge.

  • Explored historical context.

  • Reviewed prior innovations.

  • Examined attempted solutions.

Second Semester - Development and completion:

  • Phase 1: Developed an independent solution.

  • Phase 2: Collaborated with mentors, peers, professors, and industry experts to refine the proposed solution.

Presentation Booth:

  • Designed a physical booth resembling a student's dorm.

  • Central laptop showcased live grading software.

  • Included engaging video presentations highlighting the tool's comprehensive solution to the challenge.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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