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My role here

I assumed a senior-level partnership role at Elevate, tasked with establishing a comprehensive marketing department handling brand, product, and internet strategies to support sales. As part of this endeavor, I temporarily took on various roles that were later filled by remote creative teams I hired to assist with essential tasks. The challenges were undeniably significant and time-consuming, but what made it all the more engaging was the opportunity to work directly with senior management and enjoy full creative ownership in each step.

Our challenge

When I joined Elevate, it was already a revenue-generating powerhouse, primarily relying on leads from Google, Facebook, and a long-standing local reputation among builders. My initial challenges revolved around expanding existing efforts, establishing a strong online presence, and developing brand strategies in branding, marketing, and design. My responsibilities included creating a new website to capture online leads, launching local and online marketing campaigns, and growing an online audience through organic and paid ads.

Commercial and residential roofing and construction management services.

Elevate - Construction

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The solution

In today's competitive landscape, merely promising quality, speed, and 'real value' is no longer sufficient. Customers now expect, and rightfully so, much more. To excel in this environment, we opted to build a company focused on providing concierge-style services, delivering maximum value in every interaction. We initiated this transformation by launching a user-friendly website that streamlined onboarding into a simple 3-step process. Additionally, we established remote teams to support all project development needs, and we began crafting educational content to benefit all users.

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Final outcome

Elevate underwent a successful rebranding, accompanied by the launch of new websites, marking a significant transformation encompassing web, brand, and product strategies. Subsequently, due to unforeseen circumstances, the company was divided among owners, giving rise to a new business venture for my team. I'm sharing this somewhat personal journey because it exemplifies the unexpected nature of business. Despite not fully reaping the fruits of our labor, I've come to cherish the journey more than the destination. I take immense pride in the work we accomplished at Elevate and wish the new owners success in their new endeavors.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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