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My role here

  1. Full-Time Creative Director: I served as a dedicated Creative Director, overseeing creative strategy, team project execution, and the development of new marketing campaigns.

  2. Strategic Leader: Weekly meetings with c-level executives involved presenting progress reports, reviewing project pipeline status, addressing challenges, and shaping strategies.

  3. Long-Term Collaborator: I had the privilege of working with my talented team for over six years.

Our challenge

  • Seamless Integration: Our initial challenge as Costco partners was seamlessly integrating our mortgage pricing platform into the Costco website.

  • Streamlined User Experience: We aimed to provide a minimalist UI with intuitive navigation and lightning-fast access to live rate results.

  • Performance Goals: Our objectives included reducing page bounce rates, boosting organic traffic, and optimizing conversion rates.

Mortgage platform for Costco members buying or refinancing real estate.

Costco Mortgage Program

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The solution

  • Enhanced User Experience: We tackled onboarding, drop-off, and conversion rate challenges through extensive user testing, split tests, and data-driven implementations.

  • Polished UI: This led to the creation of a user-friendly UI that delivered results with minimal user input, reducing friction points.

  • Confidential Approach: While we can't reveal every detail, our strategy involved a unique and effective approach.

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Final outcome

  • Successful Outcome: The result was a robust platform with millions of unique visitors.

  • Significant Revenue: During my tenure as Senior Creative Director, we achieved $450,000,000 in lending revenue.

  • High Trust Rating: We proudly achieved a 95% Trustpilot rating from nearly 10,000 reviews.

  • Innovation and Strategy: Our journey to success involved innovative approaches in branding, marketing, advertising, and web development.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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