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My role here

My responsibilities in this project, included:

  • brand management,

  • product strategy,

  • user experience design

  • photography and video

I will be grateful to this company forever, especially to the people I worked with and colleagues. I could not have become the leader I am today without their trust and support through the many years together.

Our challenge

Affinity Partnerships was a company generating millions in revenue without having the need for a proper website to represent them. The challenge was to create a website that would accomplish the following objectives:

  • focus on people and their company roles.

  • Briefly introduce products and services.

  • Allow HR to have back end access to post openings.

  • Build an employment page to connect to Linkedin.

FinTech software solutions built for Fortune 500 and nimble startups.

Affinity Partnership Group

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The solution

The final website I created focused on sections dedicated to each senior manager, showcasing a little bit about themselves and their company roles. It was a bit of an expansion on what our managers where saying on their business cards, allowing people their met to truly "learn more" about our leaders. I also organized the back-end structure, allowing individual user access to update and change personal information, as well as new jobs available within the company. This project is still in line to go live in the near future.

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Final outcome

Imagine working at a place that is already generating millions of dollars, and does not need to advertise or promote public services. Then, imagine having to pitch your initiative to invest time and resources on a website that would not move the needle up or down. Yup, that about gives you an idea of my role here, lol. Nonetheless, they loved me too much, and I loved them back, so I made this my passion project when I needed to clear my head and work on something fun. I took care of strategy, design, web-development, photography, and video.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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