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My role here

I was recruited to help expand business services to the community, working as creative director and marketing strategist, also leading a team of Designers, UX strategists, Content creators, and digital marketing specialists. Together we created brand and product strategies, along with branding, marketing, and social media direction as well. We built a new website to grow the company's subscribers, and also to allow new users to access their accounts and make changes. Last but not least, we build marketing campaigns for radio, TV, Google, and social media channels.

Our challenge

Affinity's parent company was a multi-million dollar technology business helping fortune 500 clients. Initially, the company created an internal IT department that took care of all their technology needs, including internal networks, phone, and internet services. The department grew and so did their ability to handle more work. The challenge was to help Affinity become its own company,

Commercial and residential ISP, phone, advertisement, and IT service provider.

Affinity Internet Services

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The solution

We handled many products at Affinity, each of them was handled with its own business strategy approach, but as a whole we our business was my main product. I worked with c-level executives, managers, developers, and my own team to ensure that our small community would begin to associate Affinity with a source of solutions for their business needs. We started to see success by creating a really simple and easy to navigate website, ranking it on Google through paid and organic efforts, and by advertising through traditional channels, as well as digital as well.

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Final outcome

Before my role ended at Affinity we invested millions of dollars into new technologies that would make our internet services even more spectacular. We grew our paying subscribers by 75% from our starting point, and my team had doubled in size and had become another great asset to our parent company. Aside from what I already described, my biggest lesson was simple, no level of creative strategy, design, or marketing can help you sell anything if your product does not work as advertised. At Affinity we that was our main objective, and made heavy financial investments to never become that kind of place.

Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png

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