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80 announcement predictions for the Apple Event on September 7th 2022

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

This is the iPhone 13 from last year. New changes are coming to the new iPhone 14 series, but will they be enough in today's competitive phone market?
iPhone 13 from last year.

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Apple is hosting its biggest event of the year on September 7th, 2022. The company is expected to unveil new models of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro with more differentiation between each product.

I am creating a list of 80 predictions that I think will be announced at the main event. This is an experiment to see how much an average person can predict about a "top-secret" corporate event such as this. My predictions come other blogs, as well as YouTube videos.

These are my predictions for Apple's September 7th 2022 Event:

  1. The iPhone 14 and 14 max will continue to use the same A15 chip as the previous model, while the Pro model will get a new processor.

  2. Apple might call this year's chip A16 for marketing purposes, but under the hood it will just be the A15 chip that includes 5 cores.

  3. Ram will go up to 6GB instead of 4GB

  4. The 14pro and 14pro max storage will be increasing from 128GB on the previous models to 256 GB

  5. The 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will actually get a true A16 Pro chip

  6. The a16 pro chip will have a vapor chamber for better temperature management.

  7. All 14 series devices will have WIFI 6E 6ghz band.

  8. All 14 series will have mixed reality headset integrations.

  9. All 14 series will have a snapdragon x65 5G modem.

  10. All 14 models will be including a larger capacity battery.

  11. All 14 models will be able to charge at 30 watts

  12. The new snapdragon x65 5G modem will be the world’s first 10gigabit 5G smartphone modem

  13. They are likely to be supply chain and distribution issues.

  14. The new design for the iPhone 14 will be almost identical to the previous design.

  15. The biggest design change to the 14 lineup will be that the previous mini model will be replaced with the iPhone 14 max.

  16. There will be a way for users to see widgets even when the screen is off.

  17. The 14 pro phones will be thicker.

  18. The display sizes will remain the same on all phones.

  19. There will be a slight upgrade on brightness.

  20. There will be an improvement to the refresh rate on the displays.

  21. The screen on the pro line will replace the notch for a hole punch look, similar to what Android phones have.

  22. the pro status bar might be a little bit lower on the iPhone 14 models.

  23. All the new models will be getting upgrades front-facing cameras.

  24. The front facing cameras will have wider aperture and auto focus.

  25. Back cameras on the iPhone 14s will have the same sensor as the iPhone 13 pros.

  26. The cameras on the iPhone 14 pros will have a new 48mp camera sensor.

  27. There will be a new 8k video recording option.

  28. The cameras will now have a 7-element telephoto lens from just 6

  29. The new iPhone 14 pro and pro max cameras will have a 57% larger sensor compared to the 13 pros.

  30. The pixels on the new iPhone 14 pro sensors will be massive 2.5 microns instead of 2 microns.

  31. There will be iPhone pro models’ ultra wide camera upgrades in size going from 1.0 microns to 1.4microns

  32. Astro photography will be introduced as a new mode

  33. There will be an SOS connectivity for 5g connectivity.

  34. There will be a new partner introduced for the new satellite connectivity features.

  35. A new partner for Apple’s SOS connectivity can be Globalstar

  36. There will a new box color for pro models.

  37. There will be a new purple color that will be introduced.

  38. iPhone expects around 90 million sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro.

  39. Prices on the phones are likely to be higher because of inflation and higher manufacturing costs.

  40. This year we will see 3 models of apple watches, the series 8, SE2, and Pro.

  41. The apple watch 8 series will have the same design as last year’s design.

  42. The apple watch 8 will introduce a new color, probably silver.

  43. The apple watch 8 green and blue colors are leaving, but there will be a new silver.

  44. The stainless steel version will only come in Silver and graphite, but the gold option will be removed.

  45. The series 8 will no longer feature titanium.

  46. There will no longer be an Hermes series.

  47. The series 8 will come with an apple s8 chip

  48. Storage for the series 8 will be the same as previous version.

  49. The series 8 will be getting a temperature sensor.

  50. The new temperature sensor will help to improve sleep tracking

  51. Sleep tracking will now be able to include sleep stages. Rem, Deep, and Awake.

  52. There will be new watch faces

  53. On the watch series 8 prices are likely to stay the same.

  54. The Apple Watch SE2 will be the same design as the previous design on the SE1.

  55. The Apple Watch SE2 will introduce new colors

  56. The Apple Watch SE2 will have a bump from the S5 chip to S6chip

  57. It is likely that price will remain the same as the previous model.

  58. The Apple Watch Pro will come with an entirely new design

  59. The Apple Watch Pro will be a new flat design for the new apple watch.

  60. The Apple Watch Pro will come with a more durable casing.

  61. The Apple Watch Pro will come with a better shatter resistance display.

  62. The Apple Watch Pro display will go from a 1.9” display on previous models, to a 2” display.

  63. The new The Apple Watch Pro display will be 7% brighter than the previous model.

  64. The Apple Watch Pro display will be going from 396×484px to 410×502px.

  65. The Apple Watch Pro will have new faces made just for this new model.

  66. The Apple Watch Pro will only come in titanium with only 2 colors.

  67. The Apple Watch Pro will have a new longer lasting battery.

  68. The Apple Watch Pro will be able to be used multiple days with one charge thanks to new battery modes.

  69. The Apple Watch Pro will cost between $900-$1000

  70. Since the new apple watch will be more flat and with a different case design, it will require a new band design as well.

  71. one of the new watches will be a pro version.

  72. the new apple watch may come with a temperature sensor.

  73. there will be a new AirPods pro 2nd generation.

  74. The new AirPods pro 2 will probably introduced a new Bluetooth connectivity type.

  75. AirPods Pro will get a slight redesign to accommodate better acoustics, better ear detection.

  76. The AirPods charging case is going to get a speaker to be able to play a sound when searching for lost earbuds through the Find My app.

  77. There will be new iPads on the way, both a regular one and iPad Pros.

  78. iPad OS will be delayed a month longer than iOS, and come out in October.

  79. There will be a tease for the new Apple mix reality headsets

  80. Apple will 100% sure use these words: new, more, incredible, design, custom, world, app, connect, available, made, aluminum, today, stunning, fantastic, gorgeous, remarkable, tremendous, and beautiful.

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