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I help to boost conversion by crafting robust brand strategies based on proven methods established and used by fortune 500 companies.  

I am a design strategist, brand storyteller, and product innovator.

Together we'll boost awareness and conversion with data-driven strategies that deliver powerful experiences and create raving fans.

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Art Direction

Brand & product strategy, project management, and implementation samples


One of the most effective elements for personal and commercial brands


Traditional and digital illustration samples on commercial projects


Scripting, storyboarding, casting, shooting, or editing. Pick one, or all!

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Ready to help

Successful brands don't just sell products and services, they also launch amazing brand strategies. Showcasing what makes them special allows them to connect emotionally first, and at that point, their product offerings gain stronger relevance and reach. I help business owners and managers to shift from antiquated tactics to well-thought-out strategies focused on relevance and conversion. 


Client recommendations

Well Organized Closet

Marco M.
Custom Closet Designs

We tried different things to boost sales, but we never really had consistent results. With Manny we were able to think more strategically, working to address root cause issues rather than relying on temporary tactics. Manny helped us to start thinking about our ideal customers, speaking directly to their needs through our products and service offerings. 

Modern Kitchen in Workspace

Christian D.
Klean Crew Corp

I meet with Manny remotely about once or twice a month. Each time I am able to obtain clarity and direction for our brand, product, and marketing initiatives. During our sessions, we explore concepts and ideas, talk about available tools that can make a difference, and review what other organizations are doing well in similar scenarios. We also talk about strategies and tasks to accomplish our new objectives. Manny truly cares about my business goals, and he never holds back while being honest and respectful with his constructive feedback. I definitely recommend his services to other business owners like myself.


Julie S.
My Sweet Treats

I am a small business owner that wanted to start selling cupcakes online. I had no idea where to start, but I am glad I called Manny. He helped me to build a long-term sales strategy, along with a new website that allows my clients to access my appointment book. in less than two weeks my business was re-branded, launched online, and better positioned to start reaching potential customers through content strategy and upcoming marketing campaigns.

"I'm thrilled you stopped by, and I look forward to our new project working together. Thanks for visiting."

208-351-1762 | | Coeur d'Alene, ID

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