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Elevate Roofing & Construction

Construction company providing commercial and residential roofing and construction management.

Our challenge

When I joined the company, Elevate was a company making millions in revenue, but at that time they were only generating leads from Google, Facebook, and through a long-standing local reputation among other local builders. My initial challenges here were expanding all existing efforts, positioning ourselves online, and establishing new brand strategies related to branding, marketing, and design. Then, my responsibility was to create a new website to capture online leads, launch new marketing campaigns locally and online, and help to grow an online audience through organic and paid ads.

My role here

I joined Elevate to work as a senior level partner in charge establishing a marketing department that would handle brand, product, and internet strategies to support sales. From those responsibilities I also branched into temporary mini-roles that would become filled in as I hired remote creative teams to help help with all needed tasks. The challenges were obviously large and very time consuming, however, what made it all very interesting was being able to work directly with senior management, and having the ability to create something new where I would enjoy full creative ownership in each step.

The solution

In today's economy you will find it difficult to make sales just by promising quality, speed, and "real value", but why? because customers already expected that, and much more, as they should. To compete at such high levels of proficiency we chose to build a company focused on concierge style services, providing clients as much value as we possibly pack in each business interaction. First we launched a website that made onboarding a 3 step process, then we established remote teams to help with all project development needs, and last but not least, we started building educational content for all users.

Final outcome

Elevate was successfully rebranded and new websites were launched to help with web, brand, and product strategies. Then, as it often happens, the company was split among company owners, thus giving birth to a new business venture for my team. I am sharing this somewhat personal experience because it is real, and it is unexpected at times. However, even when the fruit of the labor cannot be fully experienced, I have learned to love the journey more than arriving at destination. I take pride in all the work we did here at Elevate, and wish the new owners all the success in their new endeavors.

Together we can craft amazing experiences for your customers 

I can help you reach your conversion goals through strategies that focus on making business decisions without losing a user-centric mindset. 

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Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png


Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png



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