5 | Product Strategy, Web-development, & Design | Affinity Partnerships

The one that got me through the door. This was the first assignment I was given as I was joining one of the highest earning teams I ever worked with. My role here was Creative Director.

Affinity Partnerships was in serious need of a website overhaul. The company is all about creating connections and new business relationships, so I set out to make a site that would showcase their senior management team and some of the services they provide. This project was 100% my responsibility, from initial research and planning, to branding and product strategy. Then there was photography, video, design, and development. The most work I ever had to take care of, and some of the biggest lessons that serve me to this day.

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Manny Quintero Monogram-2Asset 14.png



I can help you revamp sales through creative branding, marketing, & web-based strategies.