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When people think of innovation they tend to think of tech companies. Not here, this company hired us to apply as much UX/UI as possible to their fence selling process.

Working for WVF was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career. It does not mean that the work was easy, all the opposite, this was the most research-heavy projects I ever was part of. Nonetheless, the enjoyable part was seeing a project that went from early concept, all the way to production like clock-work. Working with this visionary business owner we were able to not only bring his own ideas to life, but also make data-based suggestions that made it to the final design. This project, unlike any other I have encountered, created a revolutionary way to draw a fence, get precise parts per square footage, build a list, price it, allow the customer an easy check-out experience, and then ship the product from a warehouse (API) directly to a customer's door step. Just incredible, if you don't mind me saying it myself :)

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